About to BLACK B.A.G.

Thanks for taking the time to research your training options.

We encourage you to drive by and physically check out the ranges where you could be taking the classroom and riding portions of your training. If it's not clear from their web site or advertisement where their training locations are, call and ask.

Our classroom and range facilities are located at 8820 N. Washington St., Thornton.

Our goal in opening BLACK B.A.G. Training was to offer a quality product at a fair price.

Our main concern for you as a new or continuing rider is that you get and stay trained.

All schools teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCourses use the same material and are certified by the same organization.

We feel we offer an excellent training option for you.

As our motto says and as we are truly committed:

"Your Safety, Is Our Business."

To that end let's cover a few things that we feel set BLACK B.A.G. apart from other schools:

MOTORCYCLES: Our motorcycle fleet consists of Honda's, Suzuki's, and Yamaha's. They range in engine size from 125cc's to 250cc's. The seat height ranges from 25" to 33". The training motorcycle weight ranges from 250 pounds to 325 pounds. We also have 125cc scooters to choose from.

PRICING: The prices for all of our courses are the most competitive in the state and we're proud to list them in our course description information.

You don't have to go through almost the entire registration process to find out how much the class will cost you.

For instance, our charge for the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) is $260, compared to the other Denver area schools which are charging up to $350.00 for the same training!

As a way of saying 'Thank You', we offer an incentive of $10.00 for each referral. When you think enough of our services to send your family and friends to us for training we want to show our appreciation with a small, but sincere, Thank You.  To receive the referral incentive, the referred student must provide us your full name at the time of class.

CLASSROOM FACILITIES: For student safety, comfort, and convenience we provide a permanent dedicated classroom building structure with heat and air conditioning, running water, microwave, refrigerator, and a real restroom, not a trailer with a port-o-let or some far away retail outlet restroom.

You can park within 50 feet of the classroom and range facility. At other schools they have you walk long distances to both, this makes taking breaks more difficlut and less relaxing.

RIDING FACILITIES: Our riding range is a dedicated smooth surface for training use only.

There are no crumbling patched areas to ride over.

LUNCH: We are within walking distance of several neighborhood restaurants and a Wendy's. There are over 20 restaurants within a five block radius.

INSTRUCTORS: Our company is owned by and our instructors are led by an active, working Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach Trainer (RCT). He won MSF's 'RiderCoach Trainer of the Year' for 2005 and 2011.   Bob also has EMT experience, is an American Red Cross certified trainer and has experience teaching Accident Scene Management classes.

Our staff currently consists of 1 RCT and 1 outstanding RiderCoach.

PHILOSOPHY: Once a student always a student.

Once you pay for a class, such as the BRC, you can come back and repeat it, on a space available basis, as often as needed. If you fail the first time through you can come back and take it again, at no additional charge. We are the only school to offer that service!

If you decide you need a refresher, say you took the course but didn't buy a bike right away and want to refresh your skills, on a space available basis you can also come back and take the class again.

We want you to be a success!

ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS: Learning to ride, or learning to ride better, is only one part of the equation.

We feel that riders should first be able to care for themselves in case of a health or accident emergency and thus be able to help care for others under the same or more adverse conditions if they witness or happen upon an accident scene.

During your rider education we will focus on your riding skills but not neglect to cover a lot of "what if" scenarios should things go wrong out on the road. While we won't be able to cover it all during an MSF stand-alone class you will get a flavor of what additional training you may need.

During American Red Cross (ARC) classes we focus on those things that a rider most likely would encounter as well as covering what the general public would be exposed to.